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All of our tutorials are custom built. We discuss your training goals, create a training plan and use your screens to develop your lessons. See How It Works for information on how we work with you to develop your tutorials.

Every computer-based training program is different. Simple lessons take less time to develop than very complicated ones, so the costs can vary widely. We are happy to provide estimates for custom eLearning solutions with no obligation.

Our clients report cost savings through the use of computer-based training in several areas:
1) Clinicians are not required to leave their work area or schedule time away from work to attend training classes.
2) Educators are not required to develop training materials, outlines and exercises.
3) Trainers are not needed to conduct the classes. One client reported a cost savings of $400,000 or 8 FTEs through the use of computer-based training for a software upgrade.

Yes, our courseware meets the Shareable Content Object Reference Model standard for online training courses. By their very nature, SCORM compliant courses are reusable, accessible, interoperable and durable.

Yes. Computer-based training tutorials can be developed for any of your clinical and non-clinical applications and for keyboard-driven as well as mouse-driven software.

Clinical applications vary extensively from one facility to the next so it is difficult to develop meaningful training that can be used across multiple environments. The success of our training results from the fact that we incorporate your workflows and your assessments and interventions.

Development time varies depending on the level of complexity of the application. Most lessons can be created in 30 to 90 days.

Your custom content can be delivered via the web, a learning management system, on a CD or loaded locally on a PC or intranet. We can help you decide the best methods for your installation.

Absolutely. Our tutorials can be packaged to run via webservers and internet-based learning systems.

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